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True Blood adds new cast members for Season 3

HBO’s hit vampire-infested series, True Blood, just started filming its third season which will air sometime in June 2010.  Although Mechad Brooks who played Tara’s love interest, Eggs, met his demise in the last season’s finale; shapeshifting waitress Daphne (Ashley Jones) bit the dust and Michelle Forbes took a bloody bow as Maryann Forrester, evil sorceress/Maenad/agent of chaos/party girl extraordinare, there’s some fresh blood ready to join the cast.  Read on and brace yourself for some small spoilers to get to know who’s new in Bon Temps.

Joe Manganiello joins the cast as Alcide Heveraux, a werewolf who becomes yet another love interest vying for the town’s resident psychic and supernatural chum bucket, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin).  He’s not the only werewolf in town, however.  Grant Bowler plays “Coot,” a biker werewolf with an addiction to vampire drug-of-choice, V and is the one who kidnapped (or “vamp-napped”?) Sookie’s beloved vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer) in last season’s cliffhanger.  Rumor has it that there will be flashbacks to a pivotal scene involving one of Bill’s loves from his long-ago past with actress Shannon Lucio portraying his wife.

Whether or not he’ll be seen in flashback form or something else entirely, Allan Hyde is back as that loveable Peter Pan of vampires, Eric’s sire Godric.  Let’s all weep bloody tears of joy for the return of the noble vampire Godric!  Sweet!

On the vamp side of things, Evan Rachel Wood will make limited appearances as Vampire Queen Sophie who has a rival in Denis O’Hare’s character, Russell — Mississippi’s gay Vampire King.  Russell also has a pretty man-toy by the name of Talbot, portrayed by hunky Theo Alexander.

Wondering who’s going to take the place of Eggs in Tara (Rutina Wesley)’s boudoir?  Looks like Sookie won’t be the only Fang Banger in town when she finds herself attracted to Franklin Mott (James Frain).

Sam gets a new storyline involving his family and Marshall Allman joins the cast as his long-lost brother, Tommy Mickens, who is somewhat skeptical of his newfound kin. Cooper Huckabee and J. Cameron Smith sign on as Pa and Ma Mickens (respectively) who take white trash to a whole new level.

Fear not, though. The new cast isn’t an entire sausage fest.  Some new ladies are joining the cast, as well.  Natasha Alma plays a gorgeous, exotic Czech dancer named Yvetta who Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) finds himself lusting after.  Eric’s right-hand woman, Pam, (Kristin Bauer) will not be pleased!  Jason  Stackhouse finds a new object of affection in fresh-faced Lindsay Pulsipher, too.

And, brace yourself, kiddies… Alfre Woodard is coming to class up the joint as fan-favorite Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis)’s uber-religious mother figure, Ruby Jean Reynolds, who’s been locked away in a loony bin.

While nothing too spoilery has been leaked as to the running theme and plot of True Blood’s third season, stars Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) and Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) have promised that there will be a lot more nudity this time around.  Both actors mentioned in an interview that they were finding themselves spending more time in the gym for several shirtless sequences than in the wardrobe department.  It’s hard to imagine even more nudity than last season’s orgy-packed fiestas on Maryann the Maenad’s front lawn, but this news should whet the appetites of quite a few True Blood fans eager for a taste of some more flesh.

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